Customer Satisfaction

Precise Measurement of Customer Satisfaction helps Leading Telecommunications Provider Retain Position as Industry Leader




A leading telecommunication services provider in the Philippines sought out a solution that would allow them to accurately measure their customer satisfaction levels. The endeavor would enable them to determine their strengths and weaknesses as a company and also provide them with valuable feedback on how their various service partners were performing, most especially the BPOs who serve as their interface with their subscribers. In April 2013, Pilipinas Teleserv helped the client set up a Customer Satisfaction Program (CSAT) to streamline their feedback collection processes.

The Challenge

As a company that treats customer satisfaction as a strategic differentiator, the client needed to implement an effective feedback collection process to survey its 36.1 Million subscriber base. The client needed a vendor that could provide both systems and services to streamline the project. The sensitive nature of the project also made it a necessity for the client to award the project to a partner whom they could trust entirely.

The Solution

In April 2013, Pilipinas Teleserv was contracted by the telecommunication services provider to take the reins of the CSAT Program. Based on lists provided by the client, Pilipinas Teleserv would proactively call out subscribers to survey them regarding their customer experience. In addition to providing skilled customer service representatives to expertly carry out the surveys on behalf of the client, Pilipinas Teleserv also supplied the client with a system designed to measure customer satisfaction tailored to the client’s standards.

Pilipinas Teleserv has optimized the operations of the CSAT Program by:

  • Staffing the contact center with highly-skilled customer service representatives
  • Automatically distributing and assigning leads to agents
  • Guiding agents as they carry out surveys
  • Enabling supervisors to monitor all operations
  • Reporting results of surveys, following the client’s models for computation

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv surveys an average of 55,000 subscribers monthly, consistently meeting the daily survey targets set by the client. The results from the CSAT Program have helped the client gain valuable insight into their customers’ needs and wants, enabling them to retain their dominant position in the local telecommunications industry. The procedural improvements that the client has made in view of the CSAT surveys has helped secure their position as a regional industry leader, encouraging subscriber retention and brand growth.