Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)


The Client

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a social insurance institution that caters exclusively to the Philippine government’s employees. It is chiefly responsible for providing and administering pension funds—such as life insurance, retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related accidents, and death benefits—to members and their heirs.

The Challenge

With a clientele of almost two million members and beneficiaries, residing both in and outside the Philippines, it became a necessity for the GSIS to optimize the way that transactions were handled. Foremost in their agenda was to make transactions simpler and hassle-free for their clients. In pursuit of transforming the overall client experience, the GSIS sought to overcome the following operational problems:

  • While the GSIS provided their clients with multiple contact points, such as a telephone number they could call and an email address they could write to, the lack of a standard procedure for dealing with transactions made through these channels inevitably caused very slow responses.
  • The lack of a centralized system for client relationship management generated a host of problems for the GSIS. Because concerns were not logged properly, there were
    1. no ways of differentiating simple concerns from urgent ones,
    2. no ways of monitoring the progress of concern resolution, and
    3. no means to offer proactive status updates on transactions.
  • While the GSIS already offered the Skype Appointment option for their pensioners abroad to renew their active status, the GSIS could not properly utilize its human resources because of a lack of a systematic manner of scheduling appointments.
  • Skeptical and dissatisfied with the customer service via alternative contact points, many clients would opt to transact with the GSIS in person, with a firm belief that doing so would be more efficient than waiting for long periods for a response. This resulted in long, chaotic queues becoming a mainstay spectacle at the GSIS offices.

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 2,000 calls for the GSIS daily. Our total abandonment rate since operations began is remarkably low, coming in at only 3%. We are proud of our consistently excellent deliveries, with our First Call Resolution rate very close to 100% and our performance within a very tight 98%-100% range of the Service Level Agreement.

Pilipinas Teleserv has made the GSIS customer experience delightful. GSIS members and beneficiaries now enjoy a hassle-free transaction experience wherein responses are quick, solutions are discussed, options are presented, and feedback is promptly given. Pilipinas Teleserv has helped the GSIS go from receiving tirades of their incompetence to enjoying praises for their efficiency and ingenuity.