McCann Relationship Management Manila (MRM)

Pilipinas Teleserv efficiently handles online consumer engagement for top digital marketing agency with MAESTRO


The Client

McCann Relationship Management Manila (MRM) is the digital marketing arm of McCann World group Philippines. The company provides end-to-end services that strengthen brand awareness and foster connections with online consumers. MRM is a leader in the digital marketing industry, with their successes recognized by numerous award-giving bodies in the Philippines.

The Challenge

The MRM Social Command Center handles online consumer engagement for many leading local and global brands. The way MRM did this was primarily by monitoring and responding to the activity on a client’s various social media touch points. The MRM Social Command Center’s operations were carried out manually, directly via the Facebook and Twitter websites of their clients. This meant manually combing through and taking note of interactions on the community pages, manually distributing queries to agents, and manually responding to every post.As the number of interactions increased, the rather laborious process slowly became increasingly difficult to manage.

The Solution

MRM tapped the expertise of PilipinasTeleservin their pursuit ofa solution to the growing problem of their Social Command Center. Armed with skilled customer service representatives and their proprietary social media solution, MAESTRO, PilipinasTeleservbegan mitigating MRM’s growing problem on January 2014by introducing the following improvements to the Social Command Center’s business processes:

  • Every interaction — from comments and likes to tweets and favorites — is recorded, ensuring that no opportunity to interact with a consumer is ever missed and that each interaction is accounted for.
  • MAESTRO’s seamless interface has emancipated operations from the limitations of having to use the Facebook and Twitter websites, enabling multiple agents to process interactions from the same pages and yet still appear as a cohesive entity
  • MAESTRO’s canned responses and ability to automatically assign leads has increased agent productivity, allowing MRM to consistently process a great multitude of replies at lightning-quick speeds

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 3, 956 customer interactions on behalf of MRM monthly since operations began in May 2013. Of these interactions, an average of 98% foster positive sentiments towards the brands being serviced. MRM now enjoys a significant boost in efficiency, with MAESTRO enabling them to respond to queries in as fast as 45 seconds — a big jump from the 15-30 minute response times stipulated in their Service Level Agreements with their clients.

Pilipinas Teleserv has improved the way MRM handles online consumer interactions for their clients. Without a doubt, Pilipinas Teleserv has helped MRM grow: the Social Command Center has received numerous accolades from numerous award-giving bodies. Pilipinas Teleserv has also helped MRM’s clients flourish, as evidenced by the case of Coca-Cola Philippines, one of the brands serviced by MRM, which ranks 4th onSocialBakers’ Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands list. These are powerful testaments to how PilipinasTeleserv’s systems and services approach helps our clients exceed their own customers’ expectations.