Philippine Statistics Authority

Pilipinas Teleserv enables government office to systematically receive remote requests for civil registry documents


The Client

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the chief authority on Philippine statistical data. As such, it acts as the repository and the issuing office for the many vital records which establish every Filipino citizen’s identity as a tangible statistic in the sum total of the country’s population.In the Philippines, the civil registry documents issued by the PSA are required to certify and validate one’s applications for government services, employment, and banking.

The Challenge

Obtaining official documents from the PSA used to be a nightmare for most Filipinos. The sheer number of requestors lining up daily at the PSA strained the infrastructure, causing long waits, frayed nerves, and precious time lost.

By the year 2000, the PSA criticized for their systematic inefficiency,due largely to three operational practices:

  • Requesting for documents required the physical presence at the PSA of either the requestor or an authorized representative
  • Payment for documents had to be done physically, in cash at the PSA
  • Claiming documents likewise required the physical presence at the PSA either the requestor or an authorized representative.

The Solution

It was clear that the PSA was in dire need of an alternative process to the personal filing of requests, collection of payments,and releasing of documents. Seeing this need, Pilipinas Teleserv took the initiative to broach the idea of a partnership with the PSA. The cutting edge strategy that Pilipinas Teleserv wanted to implement turned out to be precisely what the PSA needed. Armed with insights gathered from observing the PSA’s work processes and listening to complaints made by requestors,Pilipinas Teleserv helped attenuate the PSA’s operational challenges by introducing a remote procedure for requesting and claiming documents through PSA Helpline.

PSA Helpline has entirely eliminated the previous need to be physically present at the PSA to acquire one’s desired documents.

  • Requests for documents can be filed either through the website or through the hotline 737-1111, which are both available 24/7.
  • Payments for documents can now be made online or over the counter through accredited payment channels
  • Documents are now claimed right at the requestor’s doorstep as there is an option to have these delivered to the requestor’s address of conveniences by trusted couriers.

The Teleserv Way

PSA Helpline has completely changed the way that Filipinos obtain their civil registry documents. Committed to innovation, Pilipinas Teleserv now has provided more convenient and more flexible means for Filipino citizens to secure their documents. The daunting prospect of standing in line and wasting precious time at PSA is now just a fading memory, and obtaining official documents is now the least of their concerns.