Telecommunication Services

Pilipinas Teleserv helps leading telecommunication services provider provide customer service and technical support to its 36.1 Million subscriber base



The Challenge

With their subscriber base growing exponentially year after year, a leading telecommunication services provider in the Philippines was in need of powerful customer relationship management services that could reliably support the needs of their subscribers and introduce improvements to their business processes to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Since the client competed in several market segments via different brands, it was critical that the level of service and customer experience was consistent. The client needed a partner that can execute on global best practices in customer relationship management coupled with proven experience in managing the kind of consumer base that the telco has.

The Solution

Pilipinas Teleserv initially came on-board to service the company’s mobile solution for the C and D markets in 2005 and then was contracted to service their massive prepaid mobile account in 2011. Shortly after this, the client entrusted Pilipinas Teleserv with most of their remaining lines of business: postpaid, wire line, and trade customer care as well as broadband technical support. Across all accounts, Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 700,000 interactions on behalf of the telco monthly.

Pilipinas Teleserv has worked closely with the client to bring the company’s commitment to excellent customer service to fruition, and has introduced the following improvements to their customer relationship management processes:

  • Knowledge-based system, a system that efficiently guides agents through various transactions with customers, which encourages accurate solutions and quick turnaround times
  • Web-based ticketing system, which enables efficient tracking of transactions or jobs to ensure the fast and accurate completion of customer requests
  • Universal training of agents, which ascertains that every agent is able to provide service for both customer care and technical support
  • WOW handling, which enables agents to provide customers with information relevant to their transaction

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv has consistently met, and in many cases even exceeded, important service level metrics across all of the client’s accounts:

  • Average First Call Resolution rate of 91%
  • Average Quality rate of 95%, rated by the client’s quality monitoring team
  • Average Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Scores of 83.57, exceeding the 77.90 target

Pilipinas Teleserv has helped the client provide their subscribers with excellent customer care and technical support for the last nine years. This has helped secure the client’s position as a regional industry leader, encouraging subscriber retention and brand growth. In acknowledgment of just how much the company has helped them, the client has recognized Pilipinas Teleserv with their Top Vendor Award several times over.

Pilipinas Teleserv’s success with this leading telecommunications services provider is another powerful example of how our systems and services approach has helped yet another client exceed expectations.