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Country Franchise of Global Fast Food Chain Sets Up Their Own Successful Contact Center with the Help of Pilipinas Teleserv



Committed to reawakening honesty, morality, and efficiency in public service, two Philippine government offices sought out a means for them to mobilize citizen vigilance in view of keeping government offices and agents accountable. In 2012, Pilipinas Teleserv was awarded the bid for a government-mandated national helpdesk where Filipino citizens can lodge complaints against inefficient, discourteous, and even illegal practices in government offices.

The Challenge

Anticipating the immense volume of calls and the sensitive nature of the issues to be reported, it was imperative that the implementing body of the project be able to find a contact center with

  • extensive experience in responding to the Filipino public’s demands
  • the facilities and manpower to support the expected volume of transactions
  • the unique ability to harmoniously collaborate with government offices for the quick resolution of concerns

The Solution

Pilipinas Teleserv drew from their extensive experience in creating efficient and cost-effective systems for government services as they built the system from the ground up. A sophisticated system, the project takes great pride in having:

  • Three communication channels — a hotline, an email address, and an SMS gateway — and an efficient ticketing system that automatically distributes workload to customer service representatives
  • Highly skilled customer service representatives that promptly respond to concerns in the language of the complainant’s choice, be it English or Filipino
  • A customized customer relationship management system that logs and tracks the status of concerns from the point of filing up at the contact center to the point of resolution at the government agency involved

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 5,000 transactions for the project monthly. The contact center is efficient, staffed with 15 agents and 2 officerswho are able to consistently deliver customer service levels of 100%.

The watchdog project has improved the way Filipino citizens interact with their government by functioning as an effective channel to help keep government offices and their agents clean and accountable. The citizens who transact with the contact center experience something entirely different from the mostly inefficient, rude and corrupt interactions they’re lodging complaints against as Pilipinas Teleserv’s customer service representatives render them very personal, dynamic, and productive treatment. It is in this sense that one may claim that Pilipinas Teleserv has greatly contributed to changing the way that the government is perceived — whereas it was once seen as entirely apathetic and uncaring, it is now more sympathetic and concerned with the plight of the harried citizen.