About Us

Pilipinas Teleserv is a pioneer in the Philippine call center industry

Our strength is built on the Filipino professional’s world-renowned expertise in customer service and the ability to develop customized business process solutions.

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Pilipinas Teleserv has been providing cutting-edge customer management solutions and innovative business process outsourcing services since the year 2000. We provide an extensive range of highly customized solutions and services to a very diverse clientele spanning across the telecommunications, utilities, public service, food, and finance industries.

We take great pride in our 1, 200 seat capacity and strong employee base of 1, 500 English-speaking professionals with multiple skill sets. We hold offices and operations in 3 locations, all strategically located in close proximity to universities, the business district, and the Philippine seat of government power. A pioneer in the Philippine contact center industry, Pilipinas Teleserv is one of the founding members of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines.