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Country Franchise of Global Fast Food Chain Sets Up Their Own Successful Contact Center with the Help of Pilipinas Teleserv



Committed to reawakening honesty, morality, and efficiency in public service, two Philippine government offices sought out a means for them to mobilize citizen vigilance in view of keeping government offices and agents accountable. In 2012, Pilipinas Teleserv was awarded the bid for a government-mandated national helpdesk where Filipino citizens can lodge complaints against inefficient, discourteous, and even illegal practices in government offices.

The Challenge

Anticipating the immense volume of calls and the sensitive nature of the issues to be reported, it was imperative that the implementing body of the project be able to find a contact center with

  • extensive experience in responding to the Filipino public’s demands
  • the facilities and manpower to support the expected volume of transactions
  • the unique ability to harmoniously collaborate with government offices for the quick resolution of concerns

The Solution

Pilipinas Teleserv drew from their extensive experience in creating efficient and cost-effective systems for government services as they built the system from the ground up. A sophisticated system, the project takes great pride in having:

  • Three communication channels — a hotline, an email address, and an SMS gateway — and an efficient ticketing system that automatically distributes workload to customer service representatives
  • Highly skilled customer service representatives that promptly respond to concerns in the language of the complainant’s choice, be it English or Filipino
  • A customized customer relationship management system that logs and tracks the status of concerns from the point of filing up at the contact center to the point of resolution at the government agency involved

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 5,000 transactions for the project monthly. The contact center is efficient, staffed with 15 agents and 2 officerswho are able to consistently deliver customer service levels of 100%.

The watchdog project has improved the way Filipino citizens interact with their government by functioning as an effective channel to help keep government offices and their agents clean and accountable. The citizens who transact with the contact center experience something entirely different from the mostly inefficient, rude and corrupt interactions they’re lodging complaints against as Pilipinas Teleserv’s customer service representatives render them very personal, dynamic, and productive treatment. It is in this sense that one may claim that Pilipinas Teleserv has greatly contributed to changing the way that the government is perceived — whereas it was once seen as entirely apathetic and uncaring, it is now more sympathetic and concerned with the plight of the harried citizen.

Food Delivery Services

Country Franchise of Global Fast Food Chain Sets Up Their Own Successful Contact Center with the Help of Pilipinas Teleserv



The country franchise holder of a popular global fast food chain had been outsourcing the management of their delivery hotline to Pilipinas Teleserv since 2002. However, in 2008, the client was prompted by the fast food chain’s regional office to set up its own in-house call center in spite of the client’s overall satisfaction with Pilipinas Teleserv’s services. The change in strategy placed the client at great risk as they treaded waters outside their core competency. Only two months after going on their own, substandard performance persuaded the client to turn to Pilipinas Teleserv to help them set up their own successful contact center.

The Challenge

When their solo operations went live in August 2008, the client’s in-house contact center fell short of their expectations:

  • Technical problems plagued the contact center, affecting both their internal operations and customer fulfillment
  • Customer satisfaction plunged, as evidenced by the sheer amount of complaints that the contact center had to process
  • Between the numerous operational pains and the growing dissatisfaction among their customers, sales dropped by as much as 50%

The Solution

The numerous difficulties that the client’s contact center faced prompted their management to reach out and seek the help of Pilipinas Teleserv. Keeping the strictures of the client’s reverse integration strategy in mind, Pilipinas Teleserv devised a plan that allowed the client to quickly overcome their technical and operational problems while still handling transactions in-house.

By the end of 2008, Pilipinas Teleserv transformed the fast food chain’s delivery hotline in the Philippines from a challenge to a success by overseeing operations management:

  • Recruitment policies were reviewed and agents were re-profiled to meet Pilipinas Teleserv’s criteria for staffing
  • Training sessions, which covered processes from call handling to product knowledge, were rigorously conducted and closely monitored
  • IT and telephony systems were configured to ensure that the call flow, reports, and other related systems were maximized for operations
  • Operational processes were audited and subsequently improved to echo Pilipinas Teleserv’s standards, improving the client’s contact center’s performance against key Service Level Metrics

The Teleserv Way

The efficacy of Pilipinas Teleserv’s management of the client’s contact center is evidenced by the significant improvement in the operational statistics and sales figures of the client’s delivery service. Before Pilipinas Teleserv withdrew its operations in August 2008, the company was handling an average of 150,000 monthly transactions for the client. When Pilipinas Teleserv resumed operations in October 2008, transactions had dwindled down to an average of 120,000. A full year after resuming operations, the figure finally inched its way back up to an average of 160,000 and has been steadily climbing ever since.

With the help of Pilipinas Teleserv, the client’s contact center has become one of the most successful food delivery services in the Philippines. Pilipinas Teleserv provided the client with the focused approach to marketing and operations that they needed to succeed. The systems and procedures that Pilipinas Teleserv managed for the company has helped their brand grow and retain its position as a leader in the food delivery industry.


Innovative Multi-Channel Ticketing System Brings Distinction to Leading Telecommunications Provider’s Online Customer Support Operations



The growing popularity of social media and the increasing ease of access to the Internet in the Philippines prompted a leading telecommunications company to invest in provisions for online customer support. The client wanted to provide their subscribers with means to interact with them quickly through various online touch points and with very quick response times. In 2010, Pilipinas Teleserv stepped in with tailor made cutting-edge systems and services, enabling the client to provide their subscribers innovative online customer support.

The Challenge

The client began their online customer support operations by setting up an email address that customers could use to contact them. The operation was managed manually, with a dedicated employee combing through the emails, forwarding concerns individually to involved departments, and typing up responses one by one. With the number of interactions increasing, the process became more and more difficult to manage. The client needed a partner that would be able to provide both systems and services to keep up with the demands of their subscribers.

The Solution

In 2010, the client began outsourcing their email support operations to Pilipinas Teleserv. More than just staffing skilled customer service representatives to process emails, Pilipinas Teleserv also provided the client with MAESTRO, a multi-channel ticketing system that systematized the receiving, replying, monitoring, and logging of all of the client’s non-voice customer interactions. Impressed with the powerful system, the client eventually extended the project to cover all non-voice customer interactions, including Web-based Chat and Social Media Support.

MAESTRO has optimized the client’s online customer support operations:

  • Every interaction — whether it comes in through email, web-based chat, or social media — is recorded, ensuring that no opportunity to interact with a consumer is ever missed and that each interaction is accounted for
  • MAESTRO’s seamless interface has emancipated operations from a reliance on mail clients and social media websites, enabling multiple agents to process interactions from multiple sources and yet still appear as a cohesive entity
  • MAESTRO’s canned responses and ability to automatically assign leads has increased agent productivity, allowing for a multitude of replies to be made at very quick turnaround times

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv has serviced the client on four major channels — email, Facebook, Twitter, and web-based chat. From 2010 until 2011, Pilipinas Teleserv managed the client’s email and social media channels, processing an average of 30,000 transactions monthly. From 2011 until present, Pilipinas Teleserv has been managing the client’s web-based chat support for the prepaid segment.

Pilipinas Teleserv has empowered the client to offer their customers consistently fast and reliable online customer support. The leading telecom has become known throughout the industry for their innovative online customer support operations, and has been recognized for their excellent customer service. This has helped the client secure their position as a regional industry leader, encouraging subscriber retention and brand growth.


Appointment System

User-Friendly Appointment System Transforms Applications at Document-Issuing Government Office into a Positive Experience



Pilipinas Teleserv offered its services to a document-issuing government office in the Philippines in view of addressing the many operational problems that the agency faced. The partnership came to fruition with the launch of a powerful, user-friendly appointment system that enabled the agency to control the human traffic at their field offices and their applicants to properly plan their visits to the office.

The Challenge

With the number of document applicants having increased exponentially since the office’s existing systems were instituted, it became very difficult for the client to keep abreast with the general public’s demand for swift, efficient service. This amassed a considerable amount of ill will, disappointment, and frustration among its applicants. The client faced the following operational problems:

  • Many applicants would come to the client’s office with incomplete documentary requirements, citing that they did not know any better
  • “First-come, First-served” policy introduced very long, chaotic queues at the office, applicants would camp outside the before office hours in hopes of being served promptly
  • There were far more applicants than what the office could process in one day, which meant that there could be no guarantee that an applicant would be processed on the same day as their visit
  • The tedious and dreadful process encouraged Filipinos to turn to illegal fixers to secure their documents

The Solution

Pilipinas Teleserv helped the government office overcome its operational problems by providing them with a powerful, user-friendly appointment system. Having observed the work processes of the agency and having carefully listened to the complaints from document applicants, Pilipinas Teleserv understood that the chaos at the office could be mitigated by (1) allowing the agency to control the number of applicants to be processed daily and (2) allowing applicants to properly plan their visits to the office.

Pilipinas Teleserv solved the agency’s problems point by point through the appointment system:

  • Applicants are given the complete list of documentary requirements needed by the agency upon setting an appointment. For added convenience, applicants are given the option to secure the required documents thru the National Statistics Office’s delivery helpline, itself a successful Pilipinas Teleserv project
  • Long, chaotic queues are now a thing of the past as applicants are provided channels to choose their preferred time and date to visit their nearest field office. A confirmed appointment with the agency is a guarantee that the agency will process an applicant on the agreed date
  • Should the applicant be willing to pay a minimal fee, there is no longer any need to return to the office to pick up the documents as Pilipinas Teleserv offers a delivery service
  • The agency is now able to more adequately manage its resources with the appointment system, allowing them to estimate how much manpower and materials they would need ahead of time
  • Because the process is easy and hassle-free, applicants no longer turn to illegal fixers to obtain their documents

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 150, 000 interactions monthly on behalf of the said government agency. Though initially most requests came in via the hotline number to the contact center, Pilipinas Teleserv was determined to make the process more efficient and continued to innovate and add contact channels, as a result as of 2014 up to 98% of these interactions are now made through the web self service feature.This helped drive more efficiency while reducing the costs without sacrificing the customer experience. Now that standard transactions — such as requirement inquiries, appointment setting, and status inquiries—are handled by Pilipinas Teleserv’s customer service representatives, the contact center has significantly reduced the load carried by the agency’s human resources, allowing them to make even better use of their employees’ skills and time.

Pilipinas Teleserv has transformed the way Filipino citizens perceive the document-issuing government office.Whereas they were once criticized as inefficient and ineffective, they are now praised as one of the most organized, streamlined, and productive government offices in the country.

Customer Satisfaction

Precise Measurement of Customer Satisfaction helps Leading Telecommunications Provider Retain Position as Industry Leader




A leading telecommunication services provider in the Philippines sought out a solution that would allow them to accurately measure their customer satisfaction levels. The endeavor would enable them to determine their strengths and weaknesses as a company and also provide them with valuable feedback on how their various service partners were performing, most especially the BPOs who serve as their interface with their subscribers. In April 2013, Pilipinas Teleserv helped the client set up a Customer Satisfaction Program (CSAT) to streamline their feedback collection processes.

The Challenge

As a company that treats customer satisfaction as a strategic differentiator, the client needed to implement an effective feedback collection process to survey its 36.1 Million subscriber base. The client needed a vendor that could provide both systems and services to streamline the project. The sensitive nature of the project also made it a necessity for the client to award the project to a partner whom they could trust entirely.

The Solution

In April 2013, Pilipinas Teleserv was contracted by the telecommunication services provider to take the reins of the CSAT Program. Based on lists provided by the client, Pilipinas Teleserv would proactively call out subscribers to survey them regarding their customer experience. In addition to providing skilled customer service representatives to expertly carry out the surveys on behalf of the client, Pilipinas Teleserv also supplied the client with a system designed to measure customer satisfaction tailored to the client’s standards.

Pilipinas Teleserv has optimized the operations of the CSAT Program by:

  • Staffing the contact center with highly-skilled customer service representatives
  • Automatically distributing and assigning leads to agents
  • Guiding agents as they carry out surveys
  • Enabling supervisors to monitor all operations
  • Reporting results of surveys, following the client’s models for computation

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv surveys an average of 55,000 subscribers monthly, consistently meeting the daily survey targets set by the client. The results from the CSAT Program have helped the client gain valuable insight into their customers’ needs and wants, enabling them to retain their dominant position in the local telecommunications industry. The procedural improvements that the client has made in view of the CSAT surveys has helped secure their position as a regional industry leader, encouraging subscriber retention and brand growth.


Telecommunication Services

Pilipinas Teleserv helps leading telecommunication services provider provide customer service and technical support to its 36.1 Million subscriber base



The Challenge

With their subscriber base growing exponentially year after year, a leading telecommunication services provider in the Philippines was in need of powerful customer relationship management services that could reliably support the needs of their subscribers and introduce improvements to their business processes to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Since the client competed in several market segments via different brands, it was critical that the level of service and customer experience was consistent. The client needed a partner that can execute on global best practices in customer relationship management coupled with proven experience in managing the kind of consumer base that the telco has.

The Solution

Pilipinas Teleserv initially came on-board to service the company’s mobile solution for the C and D markets in 2005 and then was contracted to service their massive prepaid mobile account in 2011. Shortly after this, the client entrusted Pilipinas Teleserv with most of their remaining lines of business: postpaid, wire line, and trade customer care as well as broadband technical support. Across all accounts, Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 700,000 interactions on behalf of the telco monthly.

Pilipinas Teleserv has worked closely with the client to bring the company’s commitment to excellent customer service to fruition, and has introduced the following improvements to their customer relationship management processes:

  • Knowledge-based system, a system that efficiently guides agents through various transactions with customers, which encourages accurate solutions and quick turnaround times
  • Web-based ticketing system, which enables efficient tracking of transactions or jobs to ensure the fast and accurate completion of customer requests
  • Universal training of agents, which ascertains that every agent is able to provide service for both customer care and technical support
  • WOW handling, which enables agents to provide customers with information relevant to their transaction

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv has consistently met, and in many cases even exceeded, important service level metrics across all of the client’s accounts:

  • Average First Call Resolution rate of 91%
  • Average Quality rate of 95%, rated by the client’s quality monitoring team
  • Average Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Scores of 83.57, exceeding the 77.90 target

Pilipinas Teleserv has helped the client provide their subscribers with excellent customer care and technical support for the last nine years. This has helped secure the client’s position as a regional industry leader, encouraging subscriber retention and brand growth. In acknowledgment of just how much the company has helped them, the client has recognized Pilipinas Teleserv with their Top Vendor Award several times over.

Pilipinas Teleserv’s success with this leading telecommunications services provider is another powerful example of how our systems and services approach has helped yet another client exceed expectations.

McCann Relationship Management Manila (MRM)

Pilipinas Teleserv efficiently handles online consumer engagement for top digital marketing agency with MAESTRO


The Client

McCann Relationship Management Manila (MRM) is the digital marketing arm of McCann World group Philippines. The company provides end-to-end services that strengthen brand awareness and foster connections with online consumers. MRM is a leader in the digital marketing industry, with their successes recognized by numerous award-giving bodies in the Philippines.

The Challenge

The MRM Social Command Center handles online consumer engagement for many leading local and global brands. The way MRM did this was primarily by monitoring and responding to the activity on a client’s various social media touch points. The MRM Social Command Center’s operations were carried out manually, directly via the Facebook and Twitter websites of their clients. This meant manually combing through and taking note of interactions on the community pages, manually distributing queries to agents, and manually responding to every post.As the number of interactions increased, the rather laborious process slowly became increasingly difficult to manage.

The Solution

MRM tapped the expertise of PilipinasTeleservin their pursuit ofa solution to the growing problem of their Social Command Center. Armed with skilled customer service representatives and their proprietary social media solution, MAESTRO, PilipinasTeleservbegan mitigating MRM’s growing problem on January 2014by introducing the following improvements to the Social Command Center’s business processes:

  • Every interaction — from comments and likes to tweets and favorites — is recorded, ensuring that no opportunity to interact with a consumer is ever missed and that each interaction is accounted for.
  • MAESTRO’s seamless interface has emancipated operations from the limitations of having to use the Facebook and Twitter websites, enabling multiple agents to process interactions from the same pages and yet still appear as a cohesive entity
  • MAESTRO’s canned responses and ability to automatically assign leads has increased agent productivity, allowing MRM to consistently process a great multitude of replies at lightning-quick speeds

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 3, 956 customer interactions on behalf of MRM monthly since operations began in May 2013. Of these interactions, an average of 98% foster positive sentiments towards the brands being serviced. MRM now enjoys a significant boost in efficiency, with MAESTRO enabling them to respond to queries in as fast as 45 seconds — a big jump from the 15-30 minute response times stipulated in their Service Level Agreements with their clients.

Pilipinas Teleserv has improved the way MRM handles online consumer interactions for their clients. Without a doubt, Pilipinas Teleserv has helped MRM grow: the Social Command Center has received numerous accolades from numerous award-giving bodies. Pilipinas Teleserv has also helped MRM’s clients flourish, as evidenced by the case of Coca-Cola Philippines, one of the brands serviced by MRM, which ranks 4th onSocialBakers’ Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands list. These are powerful testaments to how PilipinasTeleserv’s systems and services approach helps our clients exceed their own customers’ expectations.

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)


The Client

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a social insurance institution that caters exclusively to the Philippine government’s employees. It is chiefly responsible for providing and administering pension funds—such as life insurance, retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related accidents, and death benefits—to members and their heirs.

The Challenge

With a clientele of almost two million members and beneficiaries, residing both in and outside the Philippines, it became a necessity for the GSIS to optimize the way that transactions were handled. Foremost in their agenda was to make transactions simpler and hassle-free for their clients. In pursuit of transforming the overall client experience, the GSIS sought to overcome the following operational problems:

  • While the GSIS provided their clients with multiple contact points, such as a telephone number they could call and an email address they could write to, the lack of a standard procedure for dealing with transactions made through these channels inevitably caused very slow responses.
  • The lack of a centralized system for client relationship management generated a host of problems for the GSIS. Because concerns were not logged properly, there were
    1. no ways of differentiating simple concerns from urgent ones,
    2. no ways of monitoring the progress of concern resolution, and
    3. no means to offer proactive status updates on transactions.
  • While the GSIS already offered the Skype Appointment option for their pensioners abroad to renew their active status, the GSIS could not properly utilize its human resources because of a lack of a systematic manner of scheduling appointments.
  • Skeptical and dissatisfied with the customer service via alternative contact points, many clients would opt to transact with the GSIS in person, with a firm belief that doing so would be more efficient than waiting for long periods for a response. This resulted in long, chaotic queues becoming a mainstay spectacle at the GSIS offices.

The Teleserv Way

Pilipinas Teleserv handles an average of 2,000 calls for the GSIS daily. Our total abandonment rate since operations began is remarkably low, coming in at only 3%. We are proud of our consistently excellent deliveries, with our First Call Resolution rate very close to 100% and our performance within a very tight 98%-100% range of the Service Level Agreement.

Pilipinas Teleserv has made the GSIS customer experience delightful. GSIS members and beneficiaries now enjoy a hassle-free transaction experience wherein responses are quick, solutions are discussed, options are presented, and feedback is promptly given. Pilipinas Teleserv has helped the GSIS go from receiving tirades of their incompetence to enjoying praises for their efficiency and ingenuity.

Philippine Statistics Authority

Pilipinas Teleserv enables government office to systematically receive remote requests for civil registry documents


The Client

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the chief authority on Philippine statistical data. As such, it acts as the repository and the issuing office for the many vital records which establish every Filipino citizen’s identity as a tangible statistic in the sum total of the country’s population.In the Philippines, the civil registry documents issued by the PSA are required to certify and validate one’s applications for government services, employment, and banking.

The Challenge

Obtaining official documents from the PSA used to be a nightmare for most Filipinos. The sheer number of requestors lining up daily at the PSA strained the infrastructure, causing long waits, frayed nerves, and precious time lost.

By the year 2000, the PSA criticized for their systematic inefficiency,due largely to three operational practices:

  • Requesting for documents required the physical presence at the PSA of either the requestor or an authorized representative
  • Payment for documents had to be done physically, in cash at the PSA
  • Claiming documents likewise required the physical presence at the PSA either the requestor or an authorized representative.

The Solution

It was clear that the PSA was in dire need of an alternative process to the personal filing of requests, collection of payments,and releasing of documents. Seeing this need, Pilipinas Teleserv took the initiative to broach the idea of a partnership with the PSA. The cutting edge strategy that Pilipinas Teleserv wanted to implement turned out to be precisely what the PSA needed. Armed with insights gathered from observing the PSA’s work processes and listening to complaints made by requestors,Pilipinas Teleserv helped attenuate the PSA’s operational challenges by introducing a remote procedure for requesting and claiming documents through PSA Helpline.

PSA Helpline has entirely eliminated the previous need to be physically present at the PSA to acquire one’s desired documents.

  • Requests for documents can be filed either through the website or through the hotline 737-1111, which are both available 24/7.
  • Payments for documents can now be made online or over the counter through accredited payment channels
  • Documents are now claimed right at the requestor’s doorstep as there is an option to have these delivered to the requestor’s address of conveniences by trusted couriers.

The Teleserv Way

PSA Helpline has completely changed the way that Filipinos obtain their civil registry documents. Committed to innovation, Pilipinas Teleserv now has provided more convenient and more flexible means for Filipino citizens to secure their documents. The daunting prospect of standing in line and wasting precious time at PSA is now just a fading memory, and obtaining official documents is now the least of their concerns.

Our Strenght (content)

The success of Pilipinas Teleserv is anchored upon our ability to develop efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective customer management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are known for designing and implementing unique, fully customized, end-to-end solutions that reflect each of our clients’ distinct ways of doing things. Our commitment to innovation and optimization lends to our reputation as a trailblazer in the Philippine contact center industry, with the unique solutions we have developed for our own clients setting the bar for industry standards.

Our company’s strength is fortified by the robustness of our three operational sectors: