Pilipinas Teleserv pushes the services-capabilities envelope further with Maestro.

For companies to maintain the dominant share of their market in a highly competitive environment, it is crucial for them to know what their customers think and say about them and their products. The digital revolution has made it a necessity for companies to go beyond traditional business intelligence and relationship management methods in order to gain penetrating insight to improve customer satisfaction. In addition to face-to-face and voice interfaces, customers now expect companies to be able to respond to their concerns through multiple digital touch points.

Understanding the predicament our clients are in, we at Pilipinas Teleserv have created a system that allows our clients to monitor customer views and respond to customer concerns as they come in through social media platforms, web-based applications, e-mail and SMS.

We call this system MAESTRO.

Our clients call it innovative and far-reaching.

MAESTRO is a multi-channel ticketing system designed to address digital customer service support operations. It seamlessly captures customer queries from SMS gateways, e-mail addresses, web-based applications, and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing our clients to manage their online presence from every angle.

MAESTRO captures and automatically tickets every single interaction — whether it be a post, a comment, a tweet, a message, an email, or an SMS— ascertaining that no customer concern is ever missed. An intelligent system, MAESTRO distributes work automatically across multiple customer service representatives and sees to it that all concerns receive responses within the turnaround times specified by our clients. Nothing is overlooked as supervisors have complete and total visibility of each agent’s workload and performance, guaranteeing quality service and accountability.

More than just a customer relationship management tool, MAESTRO is also a valuable source of business intelligence and analytics as it generates various reports that provide insight into customer concerns and sentiment. It is in this sense that MAESTRO enlightens our clients about their strengths and their weaknesses, allowing them to create and improve programs, policies, and processes based on both qualitative and quantitative data from their own customers.

MAESTRO does the heavy lifting, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best: growing their business. With MAESTRO, Pilipinas Teleserv harmoniously blends intelligence, innovation, and efficiency into our client’s customer response equation.