Our Solutions
Our commitment to innovation is attuned to meeting and resolving the evolving needs of our clients with a powerful repertoire of creative, out-of-the-box solutions.
Our Solutions

Every business is unique. This is why we at Pilipinas Teleserv go the extra mile by understanding the unique needs of each one of our clients. Whereas many other companies provide cookie cutter systems, Pilipinas Teleserv stands apart as we develop tailored solutions to address our clients’ distinct needs. Our customized solutions provide seamless customer experiences across multiple channels, allowing our clients to increase satisfaction while deriving maximum value for money.

Below are just some of the services that we can mold to meet your company’s needs:

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives are committed to building new relationships with your prospective customers and enriching those with your existing ones. We consistently deliver highly personalized customer experiences, all the way from reporting up until resolution.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Representatives are dedicated to helping your customers make the most of your products. From simple end-user problem resolution to more complicated issues that require escalation, we at Pilipinas Teleserv will see to it that your customers are cared for.

Back Office Support

Allow us to take care of your back office processes so you can concentrate on more important tasks. Our highly skilled agents and our specialized systems ensure worry-free and efficient operations, allowing you to stay on top of things all the time.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our thorough and perceptive analytics team will help you identify your areas for improvement and develop solutions that will optimize your operations. Armed with our extensive experience and our sophisticated reporting tools, we at Pilipinas Teleserv have provided our clients with critical insights that have revolutionized the way that they operate.

Customized Tools

Because we aim to make our clients more efficient and productive, we at Pilipinas Teleserv offer the novel service of developing customized tools to optimize our clients’ operations. Our customized tools, whether for use of your company or for use by your clients, will fill your gaps for increased efficiency and productivity.

The People

Our People

We meet the challenge of staffing unique, highly specialized, and multiple skill sets – from agents to supervisors to managers. This enables our operations to deliver efficiently at the customer’s point-of-need and effectively create an experience that will keep the customer coming back for more. Our people build meaningful relationships that help you keep your customers. And win new ones.

The Processes

Our Processes

As one of the BPO companies that invest in multichannel contact points, we have since grown our network to reach the Asia-Pacific regions, reaching as far out as Australia and New Zealand. Our team of experts continue to explore untapped avenues in the industry to uncover better and more efficient means to enhance our service offerings, hasten our clients’ ROI, and spread the unique Pilipinas Teleserv experience of excellent customer relationships.

The Technology

Our Technology

Fully redundant – ensuring 100% business continuity in spite of extreme weather conditions, system lags, and other unavoidable circumstances.

Intelligent Monitoring and Archiving Solutions – all customer touch points, be it voice or non-voice, are strictly monitored, recorded, and archived securely.

Best-of-breed infrastructure standards – adhering only to the industry’s newest and latest requirements in technological infrastructure setups for clear, uninterrupted customer interaction.