The Philippines: the preferred location


Companies across the globe have recognized the unique character of Filipino professionals: exceptional oral and written English skills, an innate service culture and warm temperament, and a natural tenacity for critical thinking and analysis. Formalizing this reputation, Everest Research proclaimed the Philippines in 2011 as the world’s preferred location for voice services. This feat is ascribed to the tremendous strength and the world-class quality of the Filipino talent pool, traits which are uniquely formed by the country’s rich socio-historical situation.

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines pegs the average number of college graduates produced by local universities yearly at 450, 000, making the literacy rate in the country one of the highest in the world. With the medium of instruction used in schools beginning kindergarten up until university is English combined with the country’s deep immersion in Western culture, it comes by no surprise that the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world.

A developing country, real estate in the Philippines is inexpensive. Cost of living is low, making it possible to live very comfortably on relatively modest wages. In spite of the general affordability of resources, however, telecommunications infrastructure and access to cutting-edge technology remains globally competitive.

Established and run by the best homegrown professionals in the country, Pilipinas Teleserv extends to its clients all the strategic advantages of having a call center in the Philippines. We deliver high productivity at relatively low labor cost and staff all accounts with a very talented pool of English speaking agents with multiple skill sets.