Where We Operate

Pilipinas Teleserv’s offices are strategically located in Metro Manila, the nation’s center


Our three contact center facilities operate within Metro Manila, the nation’s hub of culture, finance, education, and government.

Of these sites, two are located in the City of Manila, just 1 kilometer away from the Malacañang Palace, the Philippine government’s seat of power (akin to the White House at Washington, DC). This prestigious area ascertains us complete power and network redundancy. Within 2 kilometers of our offices is the “University Belt,” an area with a high concentration of higher education institutions, that provides us with a steady influx of highly-skilled applicants to join our workforce.

Our third site is located at the edge of the City of Mandaluyong, making it a stone’s throw away from the Ortigas Central Business District and just 5 kilometers away from the Makati Central Business District. Both business districts are home to many of the Top 100 Philippine corporations and the offices of the Philippine Stock Exchange.


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